With the appearance of snow, the Asturian landscape remains intact, beautiful, even more so if possible with the winter loneliness, the perfect time to put on some snowshoes and start hiking, in a setting that further highlights the feeling of tranquillity and intensifies the feeling of being at one with nature.

Ski resort Fuentes de Invierno

Ski resort Fuentes de Invierno.

The arrival of snow on the Asturian mountains sees the start of a new form of adventure. Throughout a good part of the year, the peaks of the Cantabrian mountain range are covered with snow. Snowboard, cross-country skiing, snow rackets… you choose your favourite sport and we will provide the ingredients for the best recipe.


Don't miss...

  • The feeling of trailblazing in the snow through our mountains enjoying the magical winter with snowshoes.
  • Enjoy the spectacular scenery on the north side of the Cantabrian mountain range while snowboarding across the Fuentes de Invierno and Valgrande-Pajares pistes.
  • The landscapes and beauty of the snow-capped hamlets are best enjoyed with the warmth of a fireplace.
Ski Resorts

Is the most modern ski resort in the Cantabrian mountain range, with over 8.7 km of ski slopes, accessed via 5 state-of-the-art ski lifts: 3 x four-seater chair lifts, 1 ski lift and 1 conveyor belt. Its excellent combination of pistes and chair lifts enable ski enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy the area, whether they are beginners or experts..



In the council of Lena, is one of the pioneering resorts in Spain. Its facilities have been updated to offer skiers a quality service on its 21.5 km of ski slopes, accessed by 4 ski lifts, 2 x four-seater chair lifts, 2 x two-seater chairlifts and 1 conveyor belt. It has a cross country piste, a snowpark at the highest point of the resort, with two competition stadiums, a nursery and a specific area for sleighs, enabling various types of winter sports to be enjoyed.


Ski resort Fuentes de Invierno

Ski resort Fuentes de Invierno.

Few sensations can be compared with making footprints in freshly fallen snow, following the tracks of animals that have taken the same route as you, climbing hillsides to get that perfect view of the valleys...

Snowboard. Ski resort Valgrande-Pajares

Snowboard. Ski resort Valgrande-Pajares.

If you prefer to ski, you simply have to visit our ski stations and don't forget to try snowboarding. Valgrande-Pajares and Fuentes de Invierno await you with their privileged location, ski schools, and their marvellous, modern facilities for winter sports. In total, they offer over 30 kilometres of skiable terrain and 46 pistes for all levels.

Snowshoes (Aller)

Snowshoes (Aller).

But remember... When the snow melts, a whole host of possibilities and activities open up so you can enjoy the mountains during these seasons. The Valgrande-Pajares winter and mountain resort, for example, has a trail running and cycling centre.


The winter and snow, far from closing the doors to hiking, open up a world of experiences for enjoying active tourism with the help of some snowshoes.


Ski resort Valgrande-Pajares

Ski resort Valgrande-Pajares.
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  • Excursions with snowshoes.
  • Snowboard.

Ski resort Fuentes de Invierno

Ski resort Fuentes de Invierno.
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