Stage 2

Stage 2: Cadavéu - L'Arena

We will start a new day caressed by the breeze of the Cantabrian, advancing from Cabo Busto eastwards along the coast, enjoying the marvellous beaches of Cadavéu and Silencio to Cabo Vidio, one of the most beautiful clifftops of Asturias. If it is clear, you will observe points such as Cabo Peñas. A walled enclosure protects the lighthouse of the town of Oviñana, on the edge of a hanging cliff. Its illumination reaches a distance of one hundred metres above sea level.

Map of the route
Cadavéu Beach and La Regalina (Valdés)Cadavéu Beach and La Regalina (Valdés).
At its feet is the Iglesiona, one of the hidden treasures of the Asturian coast. It is a magical place that you can visit only at low tide, paying careful attention to the timetables of the high tide to avoid a scare. This sea cave, sixty metres high, is reminiscent of the dome of a temple and is one of the biggest attractions in the area. It will leave you dumbstruck!

Vidio Cape (Cudillero)Vidio Cape (Cudillero).
If we have time, we will make a stop at the Concha de Artedo before heading to the town of Cudillero, the best Asturian amphitheatre in whose restaurants you can taste a great variety of dishes linked to the sea, the most unique being curadillo, a shark dried in the open air, alongside the popular hake skewers. From here, we will visit the lighthouse, at Roballera Point, in the Eastern part of the port. This construction, built in 1858, substituted the traditional signage system with stakes, lit for centuries by the Pixuetos (natives of Cudillero).

Concha de Artedo (Cudillero)Concha de Artedo (Cudillero).
You will find Aguilar Beach on the way to the next destination, the San Esteban estuary. On the Western breakwater of the entrance to the port, its little cylindrical lighthouse can be found. Make the most of your stay to enjoy the mouth of the River Nalón and its merging with the Cantabrian Sea in this beautiful setting. Wander through what used to be the only coal port in Spain and end the day in L'Arena, famous for its link with the elver where, after taking a walk around this peaceful setting, the delicious range of gastronomy will surprise you.
Aguilar Beach (Muros de Nalón)Aguilar Beach (Muros de Nalón).
The mouth of the River NalónThe mouth of the River Nalón.
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