Stage 3

Stage 3: Salinas - Candás

We leave for Salinas, with one of the most bustling beaches in Asturias and a renowned range of gastronomy. Further down the road, we will find San Juan lighthouse, on the so-called Castillo Point within the municipality of Gozón. From here, you will enjoy some marvellous views of the Avilés Estuary. Curiously, you should know that this lighthouse was built from 1861 onwards with part of the material of an artillery battery to defend against attacks by English pirates. Avilés offers numerous delights, therefore it is worth your while to make a stop there to enjoy it.

Map of the route
Salinas Beach (Castrillón)Salinas Beach (Castrillón).
Circulating the beaches of Xagó and Verdicio to our left, we ascend via the coast to the most far-out point of Asturias in the Cantabrian Sea, Cabo Peñas. Its steep cliffs, of up to one hundred metres high, give this spot a unique personality. An easily-accessible ensemble with unbeatable beauty established as a balcony onto the ocean.

Verdicio Beach (Gozón)Verdicio Beach (Gozón).
After crossing the wooden walkway that helps preserve this space of enormous natural value, we will find the lighthouse, in operation since 1852 with a special attraction; on its lower floor it houses a museum featuring watchtowers, shipwrecks and storms, the sea and the marine environment and Gozón, the municipality to which it belongs. At Vaca Point, you will find an excellent sea bird observation point.

Peñas Cape (Gozón)Peñas Cape (Gozón).
Lluanco/Luanco (Gozón)Lluanco/Luanco (Gozón).
After enjoying this reserve that will end up engrained in our memory, we head towards Lluanco/Luanco, one of the fishing villages influenced by its proximity to Cabo Peñas. We will walk through the old quarter and we can take the opportunity to enjoy its stoves before visiting the Maritime Museum and taking a walk to the church on the seafront. And to end the afternoon, what could be better than heading to Candás. We will walk around the port up to San Antonio Point, where the lighthouse on the edge of the cliff has guided sailors on dark nights since 1917. It was used as a stronghold for the defence of the coast in the 18th century. There, three cannons were installed, which were dismantled once the war with England was over. You can visit them in a small recreational area known as Prau de Gervasia.

Maritime Museum of Asturias (Lluanco/Luanco-Gozón)Museo Marítimo de Asturias (Lluanco/Luanco-Gozón).
Candás Lighthouse (Carreño)Candás Lighthouse (Carreño).
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