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Territory (Comarca Avilés)
Contact Address
Plaza de Europa, 1. 33450 Piedrasblancas
985 507 677
    • Salinas and its Anchor Museum.
    • Bayón Beach.
    • Arnáu: mine and village.
    • San Juan de Nieva.
  • Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the N-632

  • Population: 22,950 inhabitants

    Area: 55.34 km2

Beaches, glamour, surf and a coal mine that "goes under the sea". A seafaring calling and industrial heritage come together in Castrillón.

Castrillón is pure beach. Its coastline boasts one of the longest beaches in Asturias, Bayas Beach, in the flight path of aircraft taking off and landing at Asturias Airport, also in the borough. . Other beaches brimming with glamour, history and surf are dotted around the borough, such as those inSalinas, San Juan de Nieva, Arnao and Santa María del Mar. Like no other, Castrillón combines /mining and the sea; besides having a mighty beach, the town of Arnáu was where, thanks to the wealth of coal outcrops in the area, the Royal Asturian Mining Company created the first undersea mine in Spain, which incidentally also brought mining closer to the Spanish Royal Family. So much so that Isabella II was the first crowned woman to visit a mine. Her son Alfonso XII was also here, and Alfonso XIII came to anchor the royal yacht "Giralda" in San Juan de Nieva. Needless to say that Juan Carlos I is also well acquainted with the area and its attractions.

The Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum in Salinas is likewise sovereign, and rightly so, as is the glamorous, creative cuisine that famous, renowned chefs prepare in this part of Asturias.

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