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Ballota Beach
LLanes (Eastern Asturias)

On foot or by car

Type of beach
  • Golden sand
Services and amenities
  • Food&Drink
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Lifeguards
Length 350 m.
LLanes (Eastern Asturias)
Ballota Beach

A powerful blowhole that lends character to this quiet beach

The quiet "sister" to Andrín Beach, separated only by Boriza Scenic Balcony, Ballota Beach boasts calm waters with little swell and fine white sand. The whole it forms together with El Castro Islet is of spectacular beauty.

Ballota has the peculiarity of having a powerful active blowhole when there is high swell. At high tide, the sandy area is covered almost completely, leaving only a rocky, pebble beach. It is easy to access but does not boast many amenities.


Eastern Coastline Protected Landscape

Beach frequented by naturists

Ballota Beach