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Foxos / Ortigueira Beach
Coaña (Western Asturias)
Easy on foot, or by car
Type of beach
  • Golden sand
Services and amenities
  • Parking
Length 150 m.
Coaña (Western Asturias)
Foxos / Ortigueira Beach

An oasis of golden sand between steep cliffs

A 200-metre-long beach enclosed by steep cliffs, Foxos Beach is located between Ortigueira and the mouth of the Navia Estuary. An uncrowded beach with golden sand that is windy and has a strong swell.

There is a recreational area in the immediate surroundings, with picnic tables and shaded areas that are an invitation to rest and relax, all nestled in a very interesting natural setting. It has road access right up to the beach, after passing the village of the same name.

Foxos / Ortigueira Beach