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Valle and Sevalle Beach
Llanes (Eastern Asturias)
Difficult, on foot
Type of beach
  • White sand and rocks
Length 120 m.
Llanes (Eastern Asturias)
Valle and Sevalle Beach

An inaccessible cove between Toranda and Torimbia

Valle or Sevalle Beach is located between Toranda and Torimbia, on the stretch of coastline facing the village of Niembro. It is a small, secluded, shell-shaped cove of sand and rocks with an incipient dune system in the part bordering the meadows. It is connected to Toranda Beach at low tide. It has a medium swell and is not usually very crowded.

Except when reached via the beach, access is usually very complicated, as there is no defined path. You can park your car at Toranda Beach.


Eastern Coastline Protected Landscape

Playa de Valle y Sevalle
Valle and Sevalle Beach