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Entrefoces Rock Shelter
Morcín (Central Asturias)
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Upper Paleolithic


Very difficult access. Access via the AS-231 from Peñamiel to La Foz.

Abrigo de Entrefoces grabados
A deep limestone gorge through which run both the road from Peñamiel to La Foz and Riosa and the river of the same name.

It contains El Molín Cave, where the figures of three deer and a horse were engraved. The strategic position of the rock shelter, in one of the narrowest parts of the gorge, justifies the existence of an archaeological site due to hunters from the Magdalenian culture.

These works, belonging to the Upper Palaeolithic, are made up of rock engravings, pieces of portable art, including an amazing human head carved on a quartzite stone and a Magdalenian lithic ensemble.

Entrefoces Rock Shelter