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El Buxu Cave
Cangas de Onís (Eastern Asturias)
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Próxima a: 33589 Cardes
608 175 467

Paleolithic cave paintings from the Solutrean and Magdalenian cultures.

  • Wednesday to Sunday at 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:50pm and 1:15pm

    Closed on Monday and Tuesday


A place to admire engravings of horses, goats, deer and bison, and geometric and zoomorphic figures.

El Buxu Cave is located near the village of Cardes. It was discovered in 1916 and studied soon after by the Count of La Vega del Sella and H. Obermaier, who mainly studied its rock art. Stratigraphically it houses important Solutrean levels with stone and bone industry, accompanied by various manifestations of portable art, outstanding among which are the rare sculpture of a bird carved on the tusk of a cave bear and a limestone plaque engraved with different motifs (animals, signs and anthropomorphic figures).

The cave houses a combination of paintings and engravings of horses, goats, deer and bison and geometric and zoomorphic figures.

The rock art in El Buxu Cave also contains various representations done in diverse techniques, engravings and paintings, with a wide repertoire of zoomorphic and geometric figures.

Recent excavations have revealed that, during one or another of its Solutrean occupations, El Buxu served as a seasonal settlement during summer and autumn to hunt deer, chamois and goats.

El Buxu Cave