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Etapa 3: Ribadesella/Ribeseya - Priesca
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Etapa 3: Ribadesella/Ribeseya-Priesca
28.6 kms
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Cross the bridge over the river Sella and, bordering the estuary, go towards the beach of Santa Marina. From Ricardo Cangas and Dionisio Ruisánchez streets, continue along the San Pedro road through the village of the same name to Abéu, where you must turn left at the crossroads to reach San Esteban de Leces and the hostel.

From the San Esteban hostel, take the path again in Abéu, continuing straight on through El Calerón, towards Vega at the base of Monte Redondo. At Vega beach we cross the Acebo stream and go up to Berbes. Continue along La Caleyona towards the N-632. After passing the stream of La Régula, a track opens up on the right. We climb the pass of La Campona, to descend to the beach of El Arenal de Morís.

From here the Way overlaps the route of the GR-204 coastal path (E-9) and continues towards Prado along the local road. The Way then runs along the seashore until it reaches the beach of La Espasa, from where it reaches the N-632, crosses the river and arrives at the old Venta de La Espasa. Between Arenal de Morís and the beach of La Espasa is the beach of La Beciella, where the river of Los Romeros flows into the sea, whose name alludes to the pilgrims on the Camino and next to which there was a Templar enclave and the Benedictine monastery of Santiago, which even had its own hostel and was founded in the first half of the 11th century by Count Munio Roderici. After the beach and Venta de La Espasa, 1.8 km away, is the village of La Isla, where the next hostel is located.

The route resumes again at Venta La Espasa, a solid 16th century construction, which was a former pilgrims' hostel and still preserves its granary and the ruins of the old stables. From the residential area of El Barrigón, follow the N-632 to the crossroads at Gobiendes, take the old path and return to the road where a left turn leads to the stream and bridge of Güeñu. From here to Covián and straight west to Colunga.

Cross the village along Grande Covián street and take the turn-off, by road, to L'Infiestu. Continue along the plain of the Llovones river, passing through La Calzada, El Tarrerón, Ería de San Vicente and La Venta, and leave the valley by the La Llorea bridge. Along the slope of La Biesca, following the road, we reach El Conyéu and descend to Pernús, climb up to La Vega and continue along the path that goes off to the left towards La Llera with a marked ascent. After the pass of La Cabañota the route descends to Priesca. After passing the pre-Romanesque church of San Salvador, consecrated in 921 and with interesting pictorial remains and beautiful capitals, via El Caminón, which opens up on the right, we reach La Vega de Priesca.