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The Church Museum
Oviedo (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
Claustro Alto de la Catedral. Corrada del Obispo. 33003 Oviedo/Uviéu
985 20 31 17
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Admittance to the last full visit (Museum + Holy Chamber) 45 minutes before closing.
There are special rates for groups (20+), school visits and over-65s.
Guided visits only to the Holy Chamber.
Wheelchair access to the central nave via the Romanesque Tower door.

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00am-1:00pm and 4:00pm-7:00pm
    Saturday: 10:00am-1:00pm and 4:00pm-6:00pm

    Closed on Sunday and holy days of obligation

    Holy Chamber:€3
    Museum + Holy Chamber + Cloister: €5

    - Special rates for groups (20+), school visits and over-65s.
    - Guided visits only to the Holy Chamber. 
    - Wheelchair access to the central nave via the Romanesque Tower door
The Church Museum was created by decree of Archbishop Gabino Díaz Merchán in March 1985. It is intended to be an instrument of evangelization through the sacred art objects.

Opened in 1985, the Church Museum, along with the Holy Chamber, brings together the largest collection of religious art in Asturias. Both areas are accessed from inside Oviedo Cathedral and make up a body of art that reflects the history of Asturias, collecting some of the most prominent Asturian emblems.

The internal arrangement of the Church Museum educationally guides the viewer towards a better understanding of the Christian message.

The exhibition occupies a hallway and seven rooms, each of which carries a biblical text that attempts to highlight the fundamental message of the exhibits.

Lobby: "In the beginning...".
This presents a very abridged summary of the mystery of salvation.

Room I: "The Call and the Path".
An invitation to Christians to follow in the footsteps of Christ.

Room II: "Under the Sign of the Cross".
A representation of the martyrs of the Church.

Room III: "With Mary, the Mother of Jesus".
This aims to highlight the role of Mary associated with the work of redemption.

Room IV: "The bread that gives life".
The mystery of the Eucharist is extolled.

Room V: "In Ecclesia Sancta".
This room extols the mystery of the Church and the mark of holiness it shares with that of Christ the Redeemer.

Room VI: "Participating in the Passion of Christ".
All the objects accentuate the significance of the Passion.

Room VII: "Praise the Lord, Heaven and Earth".
Through vestments, reliquaries and varied objects of divine worship and popular piety, this room highlights the idea of praise and the sacred rites celebrated by the Church in its earthly stage.

In short, the message of the museum would be: Man, redeemed by Christ, walks under the sign of the Cross with Mary, the Mother of the Savior, fed with the Bread that gives life, in the Holy Church, sharing the Lord's Passion and proclaiming the praises of God.

The Holy Chamber preserves very valuable treasures such as: the Cross of the Angels, the Victory Cross, the Agate Casket, the Holy Ark and the Holy Shroud.

The Church Museum