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Chapel of Mary Magdalene (Morcín)
Morcín (Central Asturias)
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  • Ecclesiastical
The chapel is located on the summit of Monsacro.

The Christian tradition holds the belief that holy relics were hidden on the summit of Monsacro (the sacred mount), probably brought there by Saint Toribio, Bishop of Astorga, during the Muslim invasion.

Later, Alfonso II had the relics moved to Oviedo/Uviéu Cathedral. This consideration of Monsacro as a sacred place would have resulted in the construction of the chapels. The Chapel of Mary Magdalene, also known as the "Capilla de Abajo" or Lower Chapel, is a late Romanesque building dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. It is structured around a single nave and a semi-circular apse with a difference in height between the nave and the apse. The bays in the apse and transept were opened in recent times.

There are no decorations outside except for the corbels at the ends of cornice and the doorway. This is a semi-circular arch, with roughly hewn voussoirs, resting on imposts and smooth jambs. The materials used in the building are masonry from the area and ashlar for the corners, bays and doorway. Inside, the nave is covered with a pointed barrel vault and dome in the apse.

This chapel is located very near the Chapel of Santiago.

Chapel of Mary Magdalene (Morcín)