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Cangas del Narcea
Territory (Fuentes del Narcea)
Contact Address
Plaza Mayor. 33800 Cangas del Narcea
985 811 498
    • Corias Monastery.
    • Wine Museum in Santiso.
    • Ḷḷamas del Mouru Pottery.
    • Munieḷḷos Nature Reserve.
  • Via the AS-15 and AS-213

  • Population: 14,077 inhabitants

    Area: 823.6 km2

Bears, wine, coal, a monastery converted into a Parador luxury hotel, a forest like Munieḷḷos, a Biosphere Reserve and a host of hidden spots in the largest municipality in Asturias and one of the largest in Spain. That's Cangas del Narcea.

The largest borough in Asturias is also one of those where Nature is most bountiful and unspoiled. Much of its territory makes up the Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Nature Park, a listed UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and one of its "jewels" is an iconic area of the Asturian natural world: Munieḷḷos Forest. But the lands of Cangas are not only rich in enchanting forests, they are also the perfect "refuge" for a unique species, the Cantabrian brown bear, which lives a happy and protected existence in these climes and occasionally can be seen around a specific area, as in the case of Xedré, which is ideal for sightings of this kind.

Due to its geographical position and its underground riches, throughout history Cangas del Narcea has beena melting pot of cultures, traders and cattle breeders. It has important geological reserves of coal and a benevolent microclimate which since the Middle Ages has enabled high mountain vineyards to grow on its steep slopes. Today, many wineries can be found here and there is also a Wine Museum in Santiso.

In addition, Corias Monastery, a very influential spiritual and educational centre in the past, has now been reconverted into a Parador luxury hotel of matchless architectural value and heritage close to the borough capital, which in turn has an interesting old quarter.

Acebo Sanctuary, Ḷḷamas del Mouru Black Pottery and the village of Bisuyu, where Alejandro Casona was born, complete the vast cultural panorama of the borough.

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