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Territory (Camín Real de la Mesa)
Contact Address
Agencia de Desarrollo Local - Palacio Miranda-Valdecarzana, C/ Cerro de la Muralla. 33820 Grau/Grado
636 909 088 (Abril-Septiembre) / 985 753 073
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Further information:

    • Town of Grau/Grado Old Quarter and Indiano architecture.
    • Sunday Market: Shops open on Sundays.
    • Original Way of St James, from east to west.
    • Camín Real de la Mesa, from north to south.
  • Via the A-63 dual carriageway and the N-634 and AS-237

  • Population: 10,746 inhabitants

    Area: 221.6 km2

Crossroads - of the Way of St James and the Camín Real de la Mesa, fertile market gardens, mining, medieval, religious and Indiano architecture as well as mansions, an open people of traders, markets and festivities, sweet confectionaries... Everything is possible in Grado.

Grado is a land of crossroads. Two cultural routes and major roads in European history converge and diverge in this borough: the Original Way of St James and the Camín Real de la Mesa, an ancient Roman road connecting the region to the central plateau. Its nature as a crossroads has conferred on the territory and its people an open, cosmopolitan and hospitable character. Add to this the fecundity of its riverside meadows fed by the waters of the Cubia and the Nalón and what you get as a result is not only top-quality market garden produce, but also a trading culture that takes the form of an important Sunday market, very professional local shopkeepers, tocinillo de cielo (a very rich, syrupy egg yolk custard that is truly heavenly) and other delights for the sweet of tooth made exclusively in this borough.

Grado has a vast countryside dotted with farmhouses, cattle, meadows, tourist accommodation, forests and many interesting trails. Its town and capital has retained major architectural examples from medieval times up to the present day, Indiano architecture included, boasting outstanding examples and figures, because two related Indianos were the pioneers of the first department store chains in Spain. Grado is an example of inquiring minds who love culture and its many manifestations - sport, art and science, among others - with a host of festivities, too, such as the famed Grau/Grado Flowers Festival...

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