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Grandas de Salime
Territory (Parque Histórico del Navia)
Contact Address
El Salvador, 6. 33730 Grandas
985 627 021
    • Ethnographic Museum.
    • Grandas Reservoir.
    • Chao Samartín.
    • The Carondio and Valledor Mountain Ranges.
  • Via the AS-12, AS-14 and AS-28

  • Population: 830 inhabitants

    Area: 29.45 km2

The Way of St James and hill fort culture constitute its major underpinnings, and the Ethnographic Museum is the reference institution in terms of traditional Asturian culture in the west of the region. Ranges and peaks, a historic reservoir, archaeology, nature and pilgrims' dreams... Grandas de Salime is the last stage of the Way of St James in Asturias .

Grandas carries the Way of St James in its "genetic map"; not surprisingly, one of its most notable signs of identity is that of being the last stage in Asturias of the Original Way of St James, before pilgrims head into Galicia. Perhaps owing to this simultaneous itinerant and sedentary stamp, Grandas treasures like few other territories its ancestral origin, which restless travellers can delve into at Chao Samartín or its renowned Ethnographic Museum, comprising an ordered compendium of the entire culture and traditional customs of both the western part of the region and Asturias as a whole. Due to its impressive and constantly growing inventory of exhibits, the Ethnographic Museum constitutes a rich showcase of the past, displayed in both a realistic and vivid way. Here, the visitor can find a smithy, a rural school, a dentist's surgery, an infirmary, a tailor's shop, the classical store-cum-bar, and more... In short, a quite cohesive collection of elements and recovered pieces that make this a reference establishment in Spain.

Alongside its ancient hill fort culture and its traditions related to the Way of St James, Grandas boasts a magnificent scenic reservoir which constrains the River Navia, constituting another of its more outstanding landmarks, village included. Churches and country houses, the Collegiate Church of San Salvador that marks the Way of St James, nature and archaeological trails, hunting and fishing, the Protected Landscapes of the Carondio and Valledor Mountain Ranges, old gold mines that the Romans exhausted... and so many hopes and dreams of thousands of pilgrims. Grandas de Salime is a catalyst of dreams and pathways.

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