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Territory (Valle del Nalón)
Contact Address
Casa de los Alberti. Centru de Referencia de la Cultura y la Llingua Asturiana. C/ San Fernando. 33900 Ciaño
985 282 925 (Ext 855)
Further information:

    • Steelworks Museum (MUSI).
    • Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum.
    • Eduardo Úrculo Municipal Art Gallery in Langreo.
    • Alberti Family House (Reference Centre for Asturian Culture and the Asturian Language).
  • Via the AS-17

  • Population: 43,647 inhabitants

    Area: 82.46 km2

Key in the history of Asturias and Spain, it has been a "European culture kilometre" and today boasts one the richest industrial heritages in all Europe, as well as different amenities and an easy-going people, who honour its restless, utopian and revolutionary origins. That's Langreo

Located in the heart of Asturias, Langreo has played an active role in the historical evolution of Asturias. A melting pot and catalyst for trends, knowledge, social movements, etc., Langreo is a valley through which runs a key river in the life of Asturias, while in the bowels of its subsoil runs the lifeblood of Asturian coalfields. In the 1960s, these characteristics and circumstances led to UNESCO considering it a European culture kilometre, a culture that today is one of its most important tourist assets.

The Steelworks Museum and the Samuño Valley Ecomuseum are facilities providing a magnificent account of the scientific and technical discoveries, research and economic and productive structure of a territory whose development has been key not only to Asturias, but to the rest of Spain as well. Langreo is by its own right one of the birthplaces and references of what in recent decades has come to be known in Europe as industrial tourism. All this, combined with the kindness and spontaneity of the people, the taste for good food, sports and all kinds of cultural events, means that Langreo is always a surprise and a discovery.

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