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Territory (Oriente de Asturias)
Contact Address
La Plaza, 1. 33556 Benia
985 844 005 / 985 844 272
    • Benia and its Gamonedo cheese festival.
    • Avín Cave and La Peruyal Cave.
    • The high mountain meadow of Belbín.
    • The villages of Onís (Demués, Gamonedo, Bobia, Sirviella, etc.).
  • Via the AS-114

  • Population: 786 inhabitants

    Area: 75.42 km2

Gamonedo cheese and its festival, El Cornión Crag, the high mountain meadow of Belbín, iconic hamlets such as Demués, Bobia and Gamonedo, top quality cuisine and plentiful examples of noble Asturian architecture... That's Onís, a truly lofty territory.

Onís is lofty, bearing in mind that the territory is located in the Picos de Europa National Park and that one of the characteristics of its landscape and of its attraction to tourists is its altitude. The majority of its most iconic villages, such as Demués, Gamonedo, Bobia de Arriba and Bobia de Abajo, are in the highlands, and if there is one cultural and culinary quality that distinguishes the borough, it is that its capital, Benia, has become the major reference for Gamonedo cheese - one of the most highly valued of Picos de Europa cheeses - thanks to the festival that takes place here every year in late October.

The natural beauty of this town is undeniable, making it ideal for hiking and outdoor activities in general. Nature is at its best here in spots like the large Avín Cave and El Peruyal Cave, in high mountain meadows of unusual beauty such as that of Belbín - straight out of a fairy tale - and in the imposing limestone Cornión Crag ...

As regards mansions, ancestral homes, country cottages, medieval towers and other architectural gems, Onís boasts an important heritage in places like Benia, Talavero and Villar, in addition to Sirviella, with its eye-catching 16th-century medieval tower...

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