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Territory (Oscos-Eo)
Contact Address
C/ Solleiro, 18. 33775 Taramundi
985 646 877
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    • Village of Taramundi and La Rectoral Hotel
    • Knife-Making Museum
    • Os Teixois Ethnographic Site
    • Mazonovo Mills Museum
  • Via the AS-21

  • Population: 739 inhabitants

    Area: 82.16 km2

Water, earth, iron and fire, hydraulic devices, knife-making and weaving. A world of customs and traditional crafts that have been preserved up to the present day and a place of reference in the Spanish rural tourism industry, with La Rectoral Hotel as one of the symbols of this socio-economic transformation. That's Taramundi.

It is a reference worldwide for being one of the pioneering centres of rural tourism in Spain. The village of Taramundi, the borough capital, and its former rectory occupied the limelight in the 1980s as a trailblazing experiment in rural tourism in what was then a depressed area. Things went so well that today the borough is emblematic of this type of tourism and a model in sustainable development to follow, where tourists can enjoy hiking and cycling routes, among other activities, in addition to having the opportunity to sample traditional local cuisine and become acquainted with the world of knife-making and smithies, whose traditions dating back to the Middle Ages are due to the abundance of iron in the area.

Recovered hydraulic devices linked to land, water, fire and iron enhance Os Teixois Ethnographic Site. Associated with this world of the past is a whole universe of traditional crafts which still survive today, such as knife-making - one of Taramundi's hallmarks - which can be seen in the Taramundi Traditional Knife-Making Museum House - where the world's largest knife is found- and in a live demonstration at a knife-making shop. The Weaving Museum, also in Taramundi, and Esquíos Ethnographic Museum, Mazonovo Mills Museum and Bres Crafts Centre are facilities that also transport the visitor to a world of trades and crafts so characteristic of and so deeply-rooted in this area of Asturias.

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