Callos caseros a la asturiana

Go to Image Homemade tripe Asturian style
  • 12 kg of tripe
  • 9 hands
  • 2 feet
  • 2 snouts
  • 1/2 kg onion
  • 300 gr. ham
  • 4-5 chorizos
  • 700 gr. pork head
  • 3 soup spoons of paprika
  • Garlic
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 0.75 litres oil
  • 6 chilli peppers
  • 2 tablespoons of salt at the end of the cooking time

Clean the day before. The dark part of the tripe is scraped off, cleaned of fat and the edges trimmed. The pig's hands are burnt with fire to remove the hairs. The veal snouts are trimmed with scissors or knives to remove the inner hairs. The veal feet are stripped of the skin and only the bone is left. As the tripe is cleaned, pour a dash of vinegar over it when it is left in the pot, then take it out and rub it with lemon juice. Finally, put them back in the pot, soaking them in water, vinegar and lemon peel overnight. In another pot, the hands, feet and snouts are soaked in water, lemon and vinegar overnight.

The next day, rinse them in cold water. Cook the tripe with water, salt, onion, 1 head of garlic and bay leaf for 50-65 min. depending on the thickness, in the 2nd line of the crock pot. Throw away the water from cooking the tripe. Cook the legs, snouts and hands with the same ingredients for 45-50 min. Leave the tripe to cool and cut into medium-sized squares. Strain the legs, snouts and hands to obtain the gelatine. Boil the bones for a second time for 20 minutes to obtain more gelatine, for when the tripe is heated.
Make a sauce with onion, oil, pork head, chorizo and ham, all finely chopped and add the paprika at the end, taking care not to burn it. The hands and trotters are boned and broken up and the snouts are finely chopped.
Cook the tripe in the broth from the hands and later, when it comes to a gentle boil, add the hands and snouts. Then, add the sofrito, leaving it to bind for 45 minutes with the chilli peppers and salt. Leave to cool and serve the next day.

Comer mejor al día siguiente y preparar aceite con guindilla macerada aparte, para que el comensal agregue picante al gusto.