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Boxu Cork Oak Forest
Allande (Western Asturias)
Alcornocal de Boxu
  • Boxu Cork Oak Forest is located in the borough of Allande, in the village of Boxu, on Lloredo Stream on the southern slope of the Sierra de Muniellos.

Boxu Cork Oak Forest is a large forest of cork oaks declared a Natural Monument.

Currently being recovered, this cork oak forest is the best example of "sufreiros" (local name for the cork oak) forests in the Principality. It has several young trees that invade the adjoining scrubland.

The forest is divided into two major groups of trees and some smaller groupings of more or less isolated trees. The most noteworthy area, both in extent and for the magnificent examples it is home to, lies between the village and the track leading to the village. The other area, west of Boxu, forms a long, narrow line of trees.

Boxu Cork Oak Forest