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Tragamón Oak Grove
Gijón (Central Asturias)
  • Tragamón Oak Grove is located in the borough of Gijón, by the River Peña Francia, south of the Laboral, City of Culture Complex.

A small grove of ancient oaks forming the Tragamón Oak Grove Natural Monument.

Tragamón Oak Grove is one of the best examples of oak groves still remaining today. It is a small grove with a local road running through it, south of which stands a group of ancient oak trees forming a copse, where the trees are separated from one another with no young trees growing among them. North of the road the trees are closer together and there are younger specimens, along with other species such as sycamore, ash, willow and elder.

It is an ideal habitat where many species of birds concentrate. especially the blackbird, robin, finch, wren, spotted flycatcher, blackcap, redstart and several species of tit such as the great tit, coal tit and blue tit.

Tragamón Oak Grove