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The Esva Gorge
Valdés (Western Asturias)
  • Esva Gorge is located in the borough of Villayón, between the villages of Linera and Oneta.

The Esva Gorge Natural Monument consists of a narrow gorge carved into quartzite.

The area defined as a Natural Monument lies within the Esva Basin Protected Landscape, corresponding to the area between the Villagermonde and Andornoso Hills between San Pedro de Paredes and La Chanona.

The River Esva runs through this area via a narrow gorge carved into quartzite, whose walls rise up to 400 metres in height.

The walls are covered by an oak wood which gives way to a narrow formation of alders along the riverbanks in the bottom of the valley.

Starting out from the village of Bustiello de Paredes, you can follow a pleasant route through the area, rising about 300 metres in altitude, part of which runs parallel to the River Esva, with one of the largest otter populations in all of Spain.

The Esva Gorge