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El Jitu System
Onís y Cabrales (Eastern Asturias)
Sistema del Jitu
  • The El Jitu System is located between the boroughs of Onís and Cabrales, near the Vega de Ario shelter in El Cornión Massif in the Picos de Europa.

Karstic cavity declared a Natural Monument.

To the south of Vega de Ario is found a major depression called El Jou de Cistra, furrowed with deep grikes, other minor depressions and dolines (known locally as "jous").

The El Jitu and El Jultayu Pothole System, a complex underground system, has an approximate length of 8 kilometres. The initial entrance is followed by a succession of narrow potholes that reach a first watercourse, which joins up with a secondary sump.

The El Jitu System is biologically interesting due to a new genus and species of diplopod, Asturasoma fowleri, having been discovered there.

El Jitu System