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Molín de Peón
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El Pino

Foces del Pino
  • Take the AS-253 from Cabañaquinta towards San Isidro Pass until you come to the village of El Pino. There is a parking area on the right side of the road where you can park your vehicle. Entering the village along the course of the River Brana and following the signs to the "Foces de El Pino" trail, you will soon come to the recreational area.
    • Panoramic views
    • Hiking
    • Drinking fountain
    • Access for road traffic
    • Area with tables
This recreational area is located near El Molín de Peón.
Originally built as a mill and fulling mill, El Molín de Peón is now a trout nursery centre operated by El Maravayu Fishermen's Association. Two hiking trails pass through this recreational area: the El Pino Gorges-Ruayer Gorges Trail (PR-AS 31) and the Foyoso Greenway (PR-AS 242).
Molín de Peón