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San Tirso de Abres - El Piñeiro
San Tirso de Abres
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Área recreativa El Piñeiro
  • Take the N-640 from Vegadeo towards Lugo. After driving about 12 km along the right bank of the Eo Estuary, you come to San Tirso de Abres. Before you get to the borough capital, El Llano, cross the bridge over the River Eo. Immediately after you cross the bridge, take the road towards Taramundi for 1 km until you reach the recreational area.
    • Safe area
    • Hiking
    • Drinking fountain
    • Access for road traffic
    • Parking area
    • Playground
    • Barbecues
    • Area with tables
    • Accessible to coaches
Located on the right bank of the River Eo as it passes through El Llano.
It is located in the lower part of the valley, sheltered by alders and other riverside trees. There is a pedestrian bridge to cross to the left bank of the river where the municipal swimming pool is located. There is also a path more than 2 km long that starts at the recreational area and runs parallel to the River Eo until the spot where the Ramalledo Stream flows into the River Eo.
San Tirso de Abres - El Piñeiro