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Santo Firme
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  • From Lugones, take the AS-17 towards Posada de Llanera. Before you get to Posada, continue on the O-603 towards Lugo de Llanera and, just before you get to this town, take the road off to the left towards Robledo, which leads to Mundín. The access road to the area is paved.
    • Safe area
    • Panoramic views
    • Hiking
    • Drinking fountain
    • Access for road traffic
    • Parking area
    • Barbecues
    • Area with tables
    • Accessible to coaches
The area is located in a splendid spot facing southeast, constituting a natural scenic balcony overlooking Oviedo. On a clear day you can even see the sea.
In the area of Panicera, adjacent to Mount Santo Firme, 300 m from the water tank.
Santo Firme