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Cornón Peak
GPS: 43.0308778020595, -6.303718026960315

Santa María del Puerto - Somiedo

Santa María del Puerto - Cornón Peak 7

We start this route in Santa María del Puerto (Somiedo) at an altitude of 1,486 metres, one of the few villages where the "vaqueiros de alzada" still live, a social group that bases its way of life on mountain livestock farming and which has a very particular culture and folklore.

We cross the village and take a livestock track on the left and after a while we turn off again to the left. We cross the Bayo river and gently climb until we reach the Veiga Cimera valley, where the river forks into two streams.

From here we continue along a path through broom pines until we reach the upper part, where we start to climb up and down over rocky terrain.

We continue the ascent, which is not very steep, with a view to our right of La Penouta peak.

A little further up we can already make out the Cornón, the highest peak in Somiedo, passing through a narrowing called the Boquete Amozarra at 1853 metres, with the silhouette of the peak as our guide.

We reach the Vega Mozarra, a high plateau with juniper and blueberry bushes and crossed by many streams, we cross it on the left side and then continue our ascent to the right to the summit.

We return along the same path.

The village of Santa María del Puerto, which defines the demarcation between León -Territory of Babia- and Asturias -Somiedo-, is one of the few places where the migrant herdsmen called vaqueiros de alzada still live, a social group whose way of life is based on mountain livestock and who have a particular culture and folklore of their own.