Cabañaquinta - La Colladiella

Go to Image Stage 6: Cabañaquinta (Aller) - Alto La Colladiella (Mieres)
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GR208 - Central Mountain Cycle Ring

Stage 6: Cabañaquinta (Aller) - Alto La Colladiella (Mieres)
GPS: 43.16062001886546, -5.624694146968278

Cabañaquinta - Serrapio - Uriés - La Carbona - Peña Teixo - Pico Tres Concejos - La Colladiella

Cabañaquinta - La Colladiella 16

The sixth stage of the GR-208 "Anillo Ciclista Montaña Central" starts at the FEVE station in Cabañaquinta (Aller), following the urban road AS-252 in the direction of the council of Laviana. We drive along this road for 1.5 km, and then turn off to the left onto a path which leads us to a water house. At this point a historical path starts which leads directly to Serrapio. From this village we continue on to the sanctuary of San Vicente de Serrapio, where we now join the road that leads to Uriés.

From this point onwards we climb along the road for 1.6 km until we reach the village of Uriés. In this village we connect with the PR-205 which, going up the Caleya la Fuente, towards the outskirts, leads us to the wide track that climbs up to the turnoff to Pozo San Fernando, whose installations can be visited. From this point we continue ascending along the main track towards El Pindal and El Mayaín, always following the route of the Senda Verde Uriés-Campa Espinera (Uriés-Campa Espinera Green Path), until the ascent ends at Collado Ablanu.

Here there are two alternatives. The hiking route goes to the left going around La Burra Blanca peak and ends at Campa Espinera. The mountain bike (BTT) route continues straight on towards La Navaliega, where the GR-208 turns to the left, taking a steep slope towards Collada de Caballos. Once the summit is reached, a descent begins towards the Carva de Bustaleo. These are stretches of road and concrete that gradually climb towards Campa Espinera, where it joins up with the hiking route. Here there is a magnificent view over the valley of Turón from Urbiés, the connection point of the Senda Verde that leads to Figareo.

The GR-208 "Anillo Ciclista Montaña Central" (Central Mountain Cycle Route) continues onwards towards Campa Cimera, without all those junctions such as those of the Senda de Turón or the Meruxal. It is a continuous descent that becomes faster as we leave the Pico Tres Concejos behind, on the way to La, the final point of the stage. Here we will recognise the two landmarks that crown the place, the monuments to the Miner and to the Maquis.