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Frexulfe / Frejulfe Beach
Navia (Western Asturias)
On foot or by car
Type of beach
  • Fine, toasted brown sand
Services and amenities
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Wheelchair Accesible
  • Surfing
  • Fishing (underwater or other)
Other services
Length 820 m.
Navia (Western Asturias)
Frexulfe / Frejulfe Beach

An extensive sandy area of ​​great ecological and scenic value

Frejulfe Beach is a large beach near the fishing village of Puerto de Vega. It is bordered by a coastal path and has a wooded area helping preserve a dune system. The sand is nestled in a natural monument, to which it lends its name, covering some 15 hectares in all. Its shores are home to very rare animal and plant species such as the Shag and Otanthus maritimus or cottonweed.

A stream flows into the sea at the eastern end of this beach, which has a strong swell. That is the point where bathing is allowed. It boasts all types of amenities.

Frexulfe / Frejulfe Beach