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El Padrún Megaliths
Aller (Eastern Asturias)

The El Padrún Megaliths, also known as "Cantu les Cruces", are located on the ridge above the village of Boo separating the boroughs of Aller and Lena.

Only two dolmens of the whole set are still preserved.

The El Padrún Megaliths are located on the Roman road of La Carisa between the boroughs of Lena and Aller, in the parish of Boo in the latter borough. This funerary monument consists of several dolmens, of which only two are preserved, although remains of the others can still be seen.

The El Padrún Megalithic Monument originated between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC, the work of hunting and herding communities with no fixed abode. Dolmens were funerary structures consisting of a chamber in which the body was buried and a mound covering it, which was in turn framed by two large upright stones supporting another horizontal stone.

No human remains have been found in these burials mounds in Asturias, due, it is believed, to the type of terrain.

El Padrún Megaliths