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Cortín dos Mouros Fortified Enclosure
Santa Eulalía de Oscos (Western Asturias)
Cascada La Seimeira, en Santa Eulalia de Oscos
The fortified enclosure of the Cortín dos Mouros is very difficult to interpret and assign to a historical period due to its uniqueness.

It seems clear that such construction efforts must have their origin in the insecurity of those who raised it against a threat which is completely unknown to us today.

The site is defined by a thick wall circling a sub-rectangular area, except for its eastern front, where steep cliffs provide sufficient protection. The inner enclosure, trapezoidal in shape, runs north to south. It is laid out on a fairly steep slope with rock outcroppings over almost the entire site. The wall is built of large squared blocks of quartzite that have been carefully worked on both their inner and external faces.

Cortín dos Mouros Fortified Enclosure