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San Bartolomé (Parlero)
Villayón (Western Asturias)
San Bartolomé de Parlero
  • Ecclesiastical
The parish feast is held around the church in August.

The parish church has a single nave, with a triumphal arch defining a large presbytery with side chambers. It has a flat east end, higher than the nave, chapter house on the west and south sides, with a continuous stone base and a bell gable with three openings with pinnacles capped by balls. The lintelled doorway, at the west end, has a stone frame with small lugs.

The most interesting part of the church is the Baroque altarpiece, dating from the first third of the 18th century, made of carved wood repainted in bright colours. The predella is divided into three parts, the central one housing the tabernacle door. The single tier is divided into three panels, bounded by Solomonic columns covered with vine leaves and bunches of grapes.

The pinnacle is curved and also crowned by a voluminously ornamented, scroll-shaped corbel. It is presided over by the clothed Madonna of the Little Candle, whose only carved parts are those which are visible. To the left stands an Immaculate Virgin, and to the right, the church's patron saint, St Bartholomew. There is a statue of St Dominic in the pinnacle.

San Bartolomé (Parḷḷeiru)