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Territory (Montaña Central)
Contact Address
Complejo Cívico Deportivo. 33684 Caborana
985 481 439
    • Via Carisa.
    • Central Mountains Cycling Circuit.
    • Coto Bello Pass.
    • Fuentes de Invierno Ski Resort.
  • Via the AS-112 and AS-253

  • Population: 12,136 inhabitants

    Area: 375.89 km2

A wide-ranging land of peaks and forests, hunting, mating calls, gateway to the central plateau, skiing and cycling, pasture and coal. That's Aller... today and always.

The inhabitants of Aller witnessed the Romans enter along the Via Carisa, but did not find their passing strange because their culture has always been that of a frontier land, a vast border territory that has made its living for centuries from agriculture and grazing and which has seen its mountains and forests considered a hunting paradise. In the modern era, revolution came in the form of the coal surrounding the depths of Aller, a borough that today is a land of "berrea" - a phenomenon that refers to the bellowing of rutting stags to woo does -, a reference for the international cycling world with legendary passes in the history of the Tour of Spain like Coto Bello, and a mecca for lovers of snow sports at Fuentes de Invierno Ski Resort, one of the most beautiful in northern Spain.

Ever one of the most emblematic areas of the Central Asturian Mountains, Aller has scores of hiking and cycling routes, such as the Cycling Circuit, as well as pony trekking trails and routes to follow by car... Dozens of nooks and crannies where a valley, river, mountain, panoramic view, chapel, pithead gear, traditional eatery or old Roman road is revealed to the traveller.

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