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Territory (Oriente de Asturias)
Contact Address
Casa de Cultura. 33558 Pervís
985 944 832
    • Angón Valley.
    • Jocica and Beyu Pen Trails.
    • Siña Tower.
    • Carbes rock climbing routes.
  • Via the N-625

  • Population: 803 inhabitants

    Area: 113.90 km2

Rivers, crystal clear water, canyons, gorges and mountains, rock faces to climb, paths of serene beauty, fabulous valleys, mythology, cheese... All the essence of Amieva

Water and rock constitute one part of its essences. Rugged and steep, mountainous, that's the landscape of Amieva, also crossed by mythic rivers such as the Dobra and the Sella, which give shape to much of its terrain. With part of its territory in the Picos de Europa National Park, the protected and rural municipality of Amieva is an important rock climbing centre for those wishing to train in preparation for greater challenges on the major massifs of the park, while its narrow gorges make it ideal for canyoning and rafting. It clearly specializes in mountain experiences, including routes such as the Queen's Road and the Jocica, Archdeacon's and Beyu Pen Paths, which combine Nature and Asturian mythology, one of the few boroughs that does so in Asturias.

Amieva safeguards beauty and riches, examples of which are Angón Valley and Beyos Gorge, the latter of which it shares with Ponga and which lends its name to one of the tastiest and best-known cheeses in the Picos de Europa region.

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