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Territory (Oriente de Asturias)
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Ctra. General. 33554 Arenas
985 846 484
Great feats and universal mountains, challenges in every nook and cranny, a cheese - Cabrales - famous worldwide, non-stop sports, fine cattle and good food. That's Cabrales

Mountainous territory, if ever there was such, Cabrales lies in the rugged heart of the Picos de Europa, seeing as most of its territory forms the Central Massif of the Picos. There are numerous landmarks associated with Cabrales in the form of peaks and heroic deeds, but above all, there is one that sets this land apart, Urriellu Peak, also known as Naranjo de Bulnes, the last of the great European summits to be scaled, back in 1904, and which throughout the 20th century and what has transpired of the 21st century has continued to suppose a great challenge. Cabrales thus links its history to that of legendary names in exploring and climbing such as Pedro Pidal and El Cainejo - the pioneers - and many others... some that even lend their name to scenic balconies like Pedro Udaondo in Asiegu... And more names, this time of villages with views or with a high mountain atmosphere and customs such as Pandiellu, Camarmeña and Bulnes - funicular railway included -, Tielve, Sotres and Poncebos... without forgetting the Cares Route and the river that gives it its name.

What's more, towering limestone icons like Urriellu, Horcados Rojos, Cabrones and Torrecerredo are accompanied by another icon that has to do with the livestock and grazing tradition of this land, the one that has made it universally known: Cabrales cheese, which even has a Cave Exhibition in Arenas as well as a busy festival.

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