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Territory (Comarca Avilés)
Contact Address
C/ Callezuela, 1. 33411 Illas
985 506 150
    • Gorfolí Peak Greenway.
    • Sollovio River Pool.
    • Water Mills Route.
    • La Peral Cheese.
  • Via the AS-237 and AS-321

  • Population: 1,004 inhabitants

    Area: 25.51 km2

A paradise of both cottage and blue cheese, land of good food, mills, green paths and peaks, Illas, ever innovative, boasts the first river pool in Asturias.

Illas is well known for the quality of its cheeses, veritable culinary gems that have put this central Asturian borough on the cheese-making map. La Peral, one of the villages in this borough, lends its name to one of its most famous cheeses, while another is named after Gorfolí Peak. Illas is thus a land of painstakingly-made, fine artisanal produce, and also a place for enjoying good food in a handful of restaurants, cider taverns and eateries which display their wisdom and know-how when it comes to making a good cabbage greens stew, a dish of lamb, wild boar or free-range chicken, tripe or cured meats.

And to burn off those delicious meals, there is always the option of the Water Mills Trail and Gorfolí Peak Greenway, or of indulging in a dip in the calm waters of the River Faxeras, the first river pool in Asturias, in the surroundings of Sollovio... all the advantages of a river pool - smooth river pebbles and boulders included - in a relaxing country setting with excellent amenities.

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