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Territory (Montaña Central)
Contact Address
Esquina del Marqués de San Feliz, 2. 33630 Pola de Lena
985 497 608
    • Via Carisa.
    • Santa Cristina de Lena.
    • Valgrande-Pajares Ski Resort.
    • Cuitu Negro and La Cobertoria Mountain Passes.
  • Via the A-66 dual carriageway

  • Population: 12,367 inhabitants

    Area: 315.5 km2

On the border with the central plateau, Lena has been both a defensive garrison and gateway to Asturias. It has seen, and continues to see, thousands of travellers and pilgrims entering Asturias along its roads dotted with history, between mountains and passes that are sporting challenges and where the snows are almost eternal.

It was witness to the passing of the Romans along the Via Carisa and later to thousands of Christian pilgrims on their way to venerate the relics at Oviedo Cathedral. Meanwhile, the Asturian monarchy was paying it special attention and giving it pre-eminence. Testimony to the reign of Ramiro and Ordoño I is the peerless Church of Santa Cristina, located in a stunning, strategic setting. Accordingly, it is also home to the Asturian Pre-Romanesque Educational Exhibition.

Before the Romans came to Asturias, it had an intense hill fort life... while much later, its unique, mountainous terrain enabled it to host the oldest ski station in the Cantabrian Mountains and the third oldest in Spain: Valgrande-Pajares. This same terrain turned Lena into a mecca of cycling, contributing such memorable milestones as the mountain passes ofCuitu Negro and La Cobertoria, the latter now forming a substantial part of the Central Mountain Cycling Circuit.

The people of Lena are festive, friendly folk, ever hospitable, nourished by centuries of experiences, those of foreigners and locals alike who have eagerly traversed this gateway to Asturias.

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