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Peñamellera Baja
Territory (Oriente de Asturias)
Contact Address
Travesía de Panes, 51. 33570 Panes
985 414 008
    • Panes Skittle Museum and Arboretum.
    • Cuñaba, San Esteban in the Picos de Europa.
    • La Loja Cave, El Mazo
    • The Old Robriguero Bridge.
  • Via the N-621 and AS-114

  • Population: 1,410 inhabitants

    Area: 83.85 km2

Skittles and salmon preserves, cheeses, villages with mansions and colonial Indiano houses, the Cares riverbank and the gateway to the Picos de Europa. That's Penamellera Bajo.

The eastern end of Asturias, epitomized in Penamellera Baja, surprises the visitor with natural and cultural treasures. There are numerous villages that stand out for their Asturian country atmosphere as well as Medieval, Renaissance and Indiano-style houses and mansions. Fine examples of these can be found in spots like Cimiano, Suarías, Merodio, Alevia, Narganes, Cerébanes and Abándames - the last was once the capital of the two Peñamelleras and still retains the splendour and nobility of its rank with the highest number of mansions and emblazoned houses in the entire valley. Peñamellera Baja looks onto the Cares-Deva River throughout its territory, with angling spots of unique beauty, such as El Tilo, Monejo, El Coyú, while also gazing back into prehistory with caves like La Loja. An outstanding gateway to the Picos de Europa, its wildest part is to be found in Cuñaba and San Esteban, forest, scenic balcony and the title of Exemplary Village included. That sacred river, the Cares-Deva, makes for fertile riverbanks in Para, Cerebánes and Cavandi, provides the Buelles Willow Woods and converts Panes, the borough capital, into an international reference for salmon river fishing. In addition, the pier trail in Panes offers travellers one of the most beautiful river paths in all of eastern Asturias.

In most of the villages in this municipality, the visitor can enjoy a distinct variety of mountain routes. The routes from the villages of San Esteban and Cuñaba through Picos de Europa National Park are especially worth noting.

After a visit to the Skittle Museum, also in Panes, the visitor will know all about this typically Asturian sport, and will be ready to enjoy seeing San Juan de Ciliergo or the Old Robriguero Bridge, without forgetting to taste the magnificent Picos de Europe cheeses, which boast a competition, held each summer in Panes.

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