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Territory (Bajo Nalón)
Contact Address
C/ Primo de Rivera, 2 bajo. 33120 Pravia
985 821 204
    • Pre-Romanesque church in Santianes and Pre-Romanesque Museum.
    • Town of Pravia and its Thursday Market.
    • Indiano Route between Peñaullán and Somao.
  • Via the AS-16 and AS-236

  • Population: 9,016 inhabitants

    Area: 102.96 km2

Town and court, Romanesque, market gardens - excellent white beans - and salmon, mansions and colonial Indian architecture, fishermen's stories... That's Pravia.

Pravia was "town and court" of the Asturian monarchy and today this town and borough capital retains the monumental splendour and regal air of the times in which Silo and Adosinda imposed their monarchical hegemony over a very fertile land, so bountiful due to the silt and water offered up by two of the most powerful rivers in Asturias: the Narcea and the Nalón. Nowadays, Pravia is hence a realm of salmon and market gardens. Among other treats, its soil produces the main ingredient for the best Asturian bean stew called fabada.

A result of its days as a court is the Pre-Romanesque Church of St John the Baptist, in Santianes and the Pre-Romanesque Museum in this village. However, there are many more beautiful spots and sights to delight the visitor in the borough: the Birds' Corner in Santianes, La Veiga Mills in Canedo, the Arango Valley, the Scenic Balconies Route between Pravia and Los Cabos, the Narcea River Route between Pravia and Luerces and the Indiano Trail, between Peñaullán and Somao...

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