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San Tirso de Abres
Territory (Oscos-Eo)
Contact Address
Avda. de Galicia. 33774 El Llano
985 634 402 / 985 634 905
    • Chapel of San Juan in El Llano.
    • "CentroPescaEo" River Eo Fishing Interpretation Centre.
    • Railroad Route.
    • Enchantment's Sorrow Route to discover the waterfall and its legend.
  • Via the N-640

  • Population: 522 inhabitants

    Area: 31.41 km2

Territory of the River Eo, a haven for river and sea trout and salmon fishing. It has a riverside path over 2 km long with an outdoor fitness park and a recreational area with swimming pool open in the summer surrounded by birch, ash, alder, maple and chestnut trees. San Tirso was and will remain the land of the pilgrims on the oldest inland northern branch of the Way of St James. That's San Tirso de Abres.

Exemplary Town of Asturias in 2011,on the banks of the River Eo and a staging post on the Original Way of St James. The natural landscape and terrain of San Tirso de Abres are marked by the Eo River, which shapes them and lends them beauty, making them leafy gallery forests and forming a magnificent river valley with its fertile meadows and the passage of the much beloved flowing Eo. A river famous for catches of salmon and river and sea trout, with its crystal-clear waters flowing over slate riverbeds where the songs of birds and the croaking of frogs resound, those same birds and frogs that can be seen from the old Xesteira fishermen's shelter, which is accessed via a simple suspension bridge... The Eo flows shaping the landscape of this riverside enclave nicknamed the "Pearl of the Eo". It is accessible from the El Llano riverside path and its recreational area, symbolic places of the peaceful life of this ever-welcoming village that offers visitors a well preserved, restored historic-artistic heritage visible in the Chapels of San Juan, San Isidro and Santa Apolonia and in the Church of San Salvador.

San Tirso de Abres has seen and experienced over the centuries pilgrims passing to and from Santiago de Compostela, as well as the passing mining train carrying iron limonite to European destinations during the last century, nowadays converted into enjoyable hiking routes.

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San Tirso de Abres