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Territory (Parque Histórico del Navia)
Contact Address
La Plaza, 12. 33717 Villayón
985 625 051
    • Oneta Falls.
    • Church of Santa María in Oneta.
    • Carondio Range Protected Landscape.
    • The Navia River and Polea River.
  • Via the AS-25

  • Population: 1,460 inhabitants

    Area: 132.5 km2

Water courses - those of the River Polea and River Navia - and mountains are hallmarks of Villayón, where Oneta Waterfall and the Carondio Range Protected Landscape are attractions of a land that also boasts hill forts, burial mounds and emblazoned houses. That's Villayón.

Famous for having one of the largest waterfalls in Asturias, Oneta Falls, which is reached after a good walk along a fairly easy and entertaining route, Villayón is a borough dotted with mountains and valleys, and whose hydrological terrain is marked by the River Polea and the River Navia, the latter being the natural border with neighbouring municipalities.

Water courses and mountains are hallmarks of Villayón, whose Carondio Range Protected Landscape is one of the natural spots of beauty most ideal for enjoying outdoor activities. Like other municipalities in western Asturias, the predominant colour in its villages and hamlets is the black of slate, a material that abounds locally thanks to the fact that geological outcrops surfacing in this part of Asturias are mostly from the Silurian Period. Like the rest of its "partners" in the Navia River History Park, hill fort archaeological remains and burial mounds form part of its cultural heritage. In addition, its many emblazoned mansions constitute examples of the "rural splendour" that once existed around the Navia Basin.

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