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Entrepeñes and Vega Beach
Ribadesella (Eastern Asturias)
  • Entrepeñes and Vega Beach are in the borough of Ribadesella, near the village of Vega.

A gorge and unspoilt beach form part of this Natural Monument.

Las Hoces de Entrepeñas, a gorge created by the Acebo Stream; Vega Sands, a beach with its small but valuable dune system where species such as marram, sea daffodils, morning glory, sea grass, hogweed, golden fly and spurge are found; an extremely rare swamp alder wood, rich paleontological sites, dinosaur footprints and traces of different sea levels over time make up this area of ​​great beauty.

Vega Sands comprises the perfect beach for lovers of unspoilt beaches. Even in the busiest months, the sensation of peace and quiet is immense. You can explore the surroundings of the beach thanks to a wooden walkway, which helps to keep the features of this beautiful scenery intact.

Entrepeñes and Vega Beach