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The Bermiego Yew Tree and Oak Tree
Quirós (Central Asturias)
  • The Bermiego Yew and Oak are to be found in the borough of Quirós, in the foothills of the Aramo Range, in the village of Bermiego.

Two fine examples of yew (texu) and oak (rebollu) trees, jointly declared a Natural Monument.
Two of the most important natural monuments in Asturias can be found in the village of Bermiego. The oak can be found after passing through the centre of the village, with a fair number of hórreos (raised granaries-cum-storehouses), most of which are well preserved. It is a magnificent example standing over twelve metres tall with a diameter of seven metres, situated next to a small chapel.

You need to take a short walk past the small village cemetery to get to the yew. At the end of the path, on the left next to the church, stands the majestic, nine- metre high yew, radiating the same aura of mysticism as seen by the Celts.

It is a perfect place to calmly and serenely contemplate the incredible scenery that nature has bestowed on the region.

The Bermiego Yew Tree and Oak Tree