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Santibáñez de Murias
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Santibáñez de Murias

Los Puertos del Rasón desde Cotobello
  • Take the AS-112 from Cabañaquinta and, when you reach Moreda, continue on the AE-3 towards Santibáñez de Murias for about 10 km. Pass through the village until you get to the starting point of the PR-AS 133 Les Fuentes Trail, where the recreational area is located.
    • Panoramic views
    • Hiking
    • Access for road traffic
    • Area with tables
It is located at the starting point of Les Fuentes Trail (PR-AS 133).
Near Molino de Cu Mill and a lime kiln. It is located in a privileged setting, surrounded by native woodland.
Santibáñez de Murias