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  • From Cangas de Onis, continue on the road towards Riaño-Pontón. Some 11 km from Cangas de Onís, turn right in Santillana towards Beleño. You will see the recreational area on the left side of the road 400 m from the turning.
    • Safe area
    • Hiking
    • Drinking fountain
    • Access for road traffic
    • Parking area
    • Playground
    • Barbecues
    • Area with tables
    • Accessible to coaches
An area situated in a chestnut and birch grove.
Located on the River Ponga, which joins the River Sella in Santillán, it has tables, benches, a drinking fountain, barbecues and a playground. There are several cuerrias here; that is, small, circular stone enclosures standing one metre high, where freshly picked chestnuts used to be stored for them to finish maturing so that the fruit could be easily separated from the spiny bur.