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Muniellos Lakes
Cangas del Narcea, Ibias (Western Asturias)
Maximum elevation
1.100 m.
  • The lakes can be accessed after a rugged hike lasting almost 4 hours via the Tablizas track or via Braña de Los Hormigueros, 35 km from the road to Connio, heading for Peña del Hórreo over Piélago Pass.

  • Plant life

    The most noteworthy macrofauna in the lakes include caddisflies, flies, black flies, midges, mayflies and amphibians (Triturus boscai, Bufo bufo and Rana temporaria), although Heteroptera, whirligig and diving (Acilius) beetles, Megaloptera, mites and spiders can also be seen, as well as Odonata in the lower lake (Aeshna cyanea and damselflies), in which there are also water rats.

    In Lake Peña Veloso, there are molluscs (Ancylus fluviatilis and Pisidium), in addition to the invertebrate groups which also appear in these lakes.


    Apart from the algae, both floating and attached to stones, that exist in the four small lakes, the lowest one is home to a bur-reed and a freshwater algae (Cyanophyceae) of the genus Batrachospermum. Bulbous rush grows in a zone of the shores that dry up in Lake La Grande, although in very small quantities.

    As for Lake Peña Veloso, the vegetation is similar to that in the other lakes, but more abundant.

The Muniellos Lakes are formed by the Las Lagunas group (La Peña, La Grande, La Honda and La Isla) and another two secondary lakes (Peña Velosa and Aveizuna), the path between them being cross-country, as there is no path linking them.

The bottom of the basins comprises a bed of quartzite stone and sand, with abundant pollen on the surface of the lakes (especially in La Peña) and leaves and moss in the surroundings. There are also numerous insects, particularly flies and mayflies, while the basin of Lake Peña Veloso has a quartzite stone substrate covered by brown humus, only 2 cm thick, which lends it an overall dark hue.

Lake Aveizuna is situated at the foot of Bobia Teleyerba and is contained by a very rocky step colonized by vegetation.

Muniellos Lakes