Senda del Salmón

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Salmon Trail
GPS: 43.43055626403977, -6.112131009611752

Grado - Alto de la Cabruñana - Doriga - Santiago de la Barca - Laneo - Cornellana - Palla - Pravia

Grado - Pravia 31,95

Linear route that runs parallel to the Narcea River and that will lead us to the architectural complex of the monastery of San Salvador de Cornellana.

This is a linear route, starting and finishing at different points. It runs along roads, some with some traffic but with a hard shoulder, and paths with a good surface. Special attention should be paid to a section of the path because of its narrowness, as well as to an area of stairs, which must be descended on foot. In principle it is suitable for any type of bicycle.

You leave Grado towards the Alto de La Cabruñana on the N-634, which has little traffic. It is the first 7 km but... But be warned: they are tough, although they are not tremendous ramps either. The rest of the route is totally pleasant to cycle, except for the aforementioned stretch of stairs.

When you reach the top, a fun descent begins, but bear in mind that you have to turn off onto the local SL-9 road to go to the village of Doriga, where you can take advantage of the opportunity to stop and recharge your batteries. In this village you will find the Palace of Doriga, an interesting example of a stately building with a half defensive, half residential character, with an outstanding medieval square tower.

The route continues along the AS-15 road towards Cangas de Narcea, passing through villages such as Bárzana, Santiago de la Barca and Requejo, where the route turns off to the right towards Láneo.

Láneo is a picturesque village dotted with a variety of civil constructions, including the Casa de Longoria and the tobacco drying sheds. Tobacco plants were grown in the area between 1961 and 1991. The production was sent to the tobacco factory in Gijón to make cigars, but the cultivation ceased at the end of the 20th century due to its low profitability.

Our route continues to join the Senda del Salmón (PR.AS-128), an easy and pleasant path to cycle, as far as Cornellana. In this section we are accompanied on the right by the Narcea River, a salmon-producing river par excellence, and on the left we can see various infrastructures that were built for the unfinished railway project between Pravia and Villablino (León).

The figure of the salmon permeates the whole area, even in a disproportionate way during the fishing season. The salmon that are born in the Asturian rivers migrate to the European coasts of the North Sea and western Norway for one or two years, and then return to spawn in the rivers where they were born. The Narcea river has often produced the "Campanu", which is the name given to the first salmon caught in the Asturian rivers during the fishing season.

The architectural complex of the monastery of San Salvador de Cornellana (listed as a National Monument) welcomes cyclists on their arrival in the town.

Within the complex, the church of San Salvador and the adjoining monastery stand out. The church of San Salvador is Romanesque in style and was renovated in the second half of the 17th century. The monastery of San Salvador was founded in 1024 and ceded in 1122 to the monks of Cluny, who established a Benedictine monastery. From the Romanesque period it preserves the Puerta de la Osa, which possibly constituted the old access to the monastery, although not in its current location.

After the cultural visit and the refreshment stop in Cornellana, you should get ready for the last part of this route to Pravia, which is divided into two distinct sections.

The first begins by leaving Cornellana on the AS-347 road that leads to Corias, a section that is very easy to cycle through several villages such as Luerces and Repolles, as far as the village of Palla.

The second section begins by turning off at Palla to cross the AS-16 road through a tunnel and start cycling along farm tracks and a path alongside the Narcea River (passing by the point where it flows into the Nalón River, near Forcinas). On this path we must be extremely careful, as a sudden brake or a fall can end up with our bones in the water. There are also some stairs that must be descended on foot.

Finally, along farm tracks, we reach Pravia, the final destination of this route.