Etapa 1: Oviedo/Uviéu - Bendición

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GR105 - Pilgrimage Route - Stage 1

Stage 1: Oviedo/Uviéu - Blessing
GPS: 43.34520086825835, -5.748364801555581

Capilla de Covadonga (Oviedo/Uviéu) - La Grandota - La Paranza - La Pasera - Molleo - Bendición (Siero)

Covadonga Chapel - Blessing 17,700

This first stage of the GR105 begins in the council of Oviedo, in the village of La Covadonga, next to the chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Covadonga, located on the old national road 630 that links Oviedo/Uviéu with Olloniego/Lluniego. From this point we continue along the main road heading south, which descends slightly until we come to a turning on the left between some houses with a glazed balcony (El Calderu), where the road begins to climb, approximately 300 metres further on. Here we turn off to the left following the tarmac road.

The track runs between trees and after a short distance we come to a recently restored washhouse, which we leave on the left to reach a Y-junction, where there is a signpost indicating the villages of Los Llanos and Faro. We continue along the one on the right, which ascends slightly and leads us to Los Llanos, which we have to cross and continue until we reach La Llovera, where we take the grassy path on the right after passing the last house, continuing along it we pass next to the water tank and it starts to turn into a path until we reach a concrete track which we follow on the left. From this point we have a beautiful view of Mount Naranco overlooking the whole of the city of Oviedo/Uviéu, and looking to the southeast we can see the antennas located on Mount La Grandota, where we have to go. Continuing along this track for a while, we reach a crossroads, and take the asphalted track that we find in front of us, which we continue in the direction we were heading.

Shortly after, as we come out of a sharp bend, there are two concrete paths on the left. We take the second one, which goes almost straight ahead in the direction we were coming from, and which soon takes us past a concrete wall with cypress trees behind it, and to the right there is a house made of white concrete blocks. This path takes us to a crossroads with a road, which we follow to the left and which leads us to La Grandota, after skipping the crossroads at the Church of Naves, until we come to a turning just where there is a farm with an iron gate. Here we have been walking for about 3 and a half kilometres. At this crossroads there are two alternatives.

The one on the left goes around the north side of the summit of La Grandota, but it has a lot of undergrowth, which makes it difficult for walkers. Continuing along the road to the right, you will reach another of the many crossroads that you will come across in this stage, and you should continue along the middle one, ignoring the path on the right that descends and the one on the left that leads to the water tank. Continuing along the path we have taken, we soon come to the path on the right that we had left at the crossroads of the house with the iron gate. From this point onwards the path plays with the line of the peaks and we have excellent panoramic views of the Aramo mountain range and the Tudela de Veguin Valley. After 5,700 m you will find the path coming from Mieres del Camín to the right of the crossroads.

Here the asphalt ends and you must continue along the dirt track on the left for 1 km until you reach the next crossroads on the right. Continuing along the dirt track, and ignoring the next two crossroads on the left and right, you will reach a two-storey house, which is at the foot of a concreted track, we are in La Paranza. Here we continue in the same direction, leaving the asphalted road, the greenhouse and the granary to the right, taking this track on the left, which climbs into a small wood and leads us to a crossroads of several paths. Here we leave the track we are on and take the one that comes out almost in front of us, which leaves a concrete lamp post on the left. This path goes slightly uphill through trees and vegetation until you reach a small clearing where there is a table and a signposted path to the right.

Following the path to the left we reach a small hill where we can see Peñamayor in the background on one side and the plain of Siero on the other. After passing next to a house with an abandoned stable we reach La Pasera, which belongs to the council of Noreña. Continuing along the path, we reach the hamlet of La Bobia. Here the track climbs upwards, leaving the hamlet of La Zorera on the right, and we take the track on the left, which is in very bad condition. When you reach the high-voltage power line, turn right and the track runs along the northern slope of Pico Cadaval. From this point we have an excellent panoramic view of the whole route, and can contemplate a large part of the councils of Oviedo and Siero, with their many towns dotted all over the landscape. We start to descend along a path that leads us back to a track that we take to the left. Shortly after, the earth becomes asphalt and we come to a crossroads where we take the road to the right that leads us to some houses that are close by, we are in Molleo.

Before reaching the first house there is a path to the right, next to a concrete wall and under a canopy of trees that leads to a gate, which is the entrance to a farm where riding horses are bred and which closes the path. Cross the gate and then close it again, cross the meadow until you come across another gate, where you leave it closed again, and continue along the path that descends and takes you next to a track that is next to the dual carriageway.

Continuing along this track we reach the crossroads of the road to Molleo, here we turn right and pass under the motorway until we reach the next crossroads, we take the left direction, until the next crossroads, where there is a house, we leave the road we were on and take the track that leaves the house on the left. We only have to turn left again to take the path that borders a warehouse and leads us towards a stream, which we cross. A few metres further on we are on the final road of this first stage.