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GR105.1 - Pilgrimage Route - Stage 1

Link: Mieres del Camín - La Grandota (Oviedo)
GPS: 43.28489254600427, -5.76275935843513

La Rebollá (Mieres) - La Mortera - Veguín - La Pandiella - Aviño - La Grandota (Oviedo)

Mieres del Camín - La Grandota (Oviedo) 13

The itinerary begins in La Rebollá, a neighbourhood in Mieres, 2 km from the town centre and at the very foot of the AS-242 Oviedo/Uviéu to Campumanes road, in the direction of Oviedo/Uviéu. From the outskirts of the village there is a dirt track that winds its way up the crest of the Fayedo mountain range, through the place known as El Picacho.

At this high spot, dotted with communication antennas, the route heads eastwards along a track that crosses the ridge.

From this balcony there are beautiful panoramic views over the Caudal region and the adjacent San Frechoso valley. The landscapes follow one after the other until we reach the Campa del Trave, where the administrative divide between Oviedo, Mieres and Langreo meets. From here we change our course, now in a north-easterly direction, going up a path that replaces the track, the steep crest of Peñas Albas that culminates in the Escobín peak, the roof of Oviedo. Adjacent to this peak is Saloes, which stands out on the horizon and in a relevant way because of the antennas, including a hut, located on its summit.

The short stretch that separates them is along the very crest of the mountain range, whose vegetation is covered with cotoyas, urcias and ferns.

In Saloes we join the profile of another dirt track which, from Veguín, connects with La Mortera de Olloniego/Lluniego. This wide road also serves as a firebreak for the dense forest patch of pine and eucalyptus trees that covers the northern slope of the Payuste mountain range. We walk along the mountain until we reach the pass, where we turn left all the way down towards Veguín.

Descend along a track that zigzags under the shade of the forest. There are some forks, which we should not take, some of which lead to the cement factory quarry. We cross Veguín de Lla and then cross under the Nalón corridor and the bridge over the river in the direction of the cement factory installations.

Further on we cross the RENFE railway tracks and the AS-244 road, beginning the ascent towards La Pandiella antigua, the location of the parish of Veguín, where the asphalted road towards La Grandota starts.

Just after crossing the village, this new itinerary faces a steep slope that runs through meadows until it reaches the panoramic village of Aviño. From here you will discover new horizons that go beyond the city of Oviedo/Uviéu. Between beautiful countryside, the last stretch of the route crosses the odd fork in the road until we join the GR105 Oviedo/Uviéu-Cuadonga/Covadonga at La Grandota.