Ruta Orillés a Campa Espines

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Route Orillés to Campa Espines
GPS: 43.18556040150838, -5.636860494714774

Uriés - Pozo San Fernando - La Felguerosa - Collada Ablaneo - El Llamargón - Cullá Caballos - Carba Bustaleo - Campa Espinera

Uriés - Campa Espinera 8,600

We start the route in the village of Uriés, heading towards the upper part of this town, from where the main route of the green trail begins. We continue along the path and very soon we come to a crossroads, where we can turn off to the left and take the diversion of the route that leads to Pozo San Fernando. This unique castle is an interesting example of industrial heritage and, unlike most wells, it was used to lower the coal to the lowest floor, from where it was extracted through a gallery known as the San Fernando shaft.

If we choose to visit the shaft, to return to the main path we will have to retrace our steps until we reach the crossroads where we initially turned off and, once there, continue along the track on the right. We gradually ascend through wooded areas until we reach La Felguerosa, where the path turns northeast and the slope becomes gentler.

We continue to the Ablaneo pass, from where we follow the path in a southerly direction. We turn northeast at the height of El L.lamargón, heading towards La Navaliega and the Cul.lá Caballos watercourse, where we leave the council of Aller and enter the council of Laviana. We arrive at the Carba Bustaleo and continue, without turning off, along the main path of the route, ascending until we reach the Campa Espinera, the end of the itinerary.

The starting point of this route is Uriés, a town which can be reached by taking a detour on the AS-386 Uxo-Cabañaquinta road (old section of the AS-112) in the direction of Serrapio.

  • PR205.
  • Cannot be done with a pushchair/stroller.
  • Can be done by mountain bike (medium-high difficulty).